Photo Credit: Roy Somech,

Photo Credit: Roy Somech,


Dara Schaefer (B. Princeton, NJ, Raised in Montreal, Canada) lives and works in New York City.  She attended both the art and architecture schools at The Cooper Union and received her Bachelor of Architecture in 1994.

Dara's sculpture practice explores the links between art, architecture, nature, and emotions. There are studies that show that nature, light and color can have a positive influence when we are trying to heal and learn.

Through her investigations of visual overlaps between art, architecture, and natural environments, she confronts and examines ideas of the female experience in space relative to the traditionally male domains of sculpture and architecture. She aims to expose and reimagine modern architecture’s fear of color as a sexist and racist trope harking back to colonial times where color was seen as the domain of primitive nations, childood, the feminine, and the uneducated.

Within her explorations of color and light she hopes to harness the powerful effects vibrant hues, light, and forms can have on elevating our moods and how we can reimagine a physical world which could have a lasting impact on our inner-joy.

She is also the founder of Wonderground Studios, which helps people and companies build art collections, and exhibits emerging art in a salon settings. Dara is also on the advisory board of Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC) which helps families in need in the Bronx.  

Dara lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her husband David Greenberg and their children Jonah and Ariella.  


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